Investment Approach

3D Global Financial Services, like most successful investment firms, follows a core investment philosophy. Theses fundamental principles guide the investment decisions we help our clients make.

  • Our approach is ‘client-centric’. We do not promote our own in-house products but recommend the most suitable and appropriate products and services available in the global market
  • Wealth Management is an on-going exercise beyond the initial investment
  • Our Investment Committee is the cornerstone to ‘managing the managers’. It is made up of senior investment specialists and it sets robust criteria for fund manager and individual fund selection. The members meet regularly to discuss asset allocation, selection and wider client services
  • Investments are used to achieve long-term goals, taking into account our clients’ financial situation, investment objectives and investment knowledge & experience
  • Suitability Assessments which include risk profiling help us to recommend products and services that fit our clients’ individual circumstances
  • Asset allocation is key to portfolio construction and diversification can enhance returns and reduce risk

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All investments carry some form of risk. For more information please go to ‘Investment Risk’

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