Case study

John and Susan


After full working careers John & Susan (names changed to protect the innocent!) decided to spend their retirement in the sun.

Having decided on Cyprus as their ‘forever home’ they sold their UK property & moved. After a year of renting they chose where they wanted to live & bought a lovely remote house that they have made their home.

The problem

Having been fairly prudent in their lives, they were left with a sizeable bank balance after buying their home and were unsure of what to do. John & Susan contacted 3D Global after a recommendation from some close friends and arranged an initial meeting to discuss their needs. Being aware of the previous haircut on bank accounts, coupled with the very low interest rates and having to pay tax on what little interest they did receive, they were very uncomfortable with keeping their capital in the bank.

The solution

Following a full and frank discussion about risk, possible returns and future needs we were able to build an investment portfolio that meets their needs now and is flexible enough to be adapted over time as their circumstances, and global markets change. The plan included keeping sufficient in the bank to cover emergencies and putting the balance to work.

The outcome

John & Susan are now in the position that they are no longer concerned about losing money in the banks, their capital is working for them and growing in a diversified portfolio that has been designed to meet their attitude to risk and allows the flexibility and access to their capital they want.

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