Case study



We were approached by a new client who had been informed by his then current advisory firm that due to Brexit they would no longer be able to provide any services to him.

Seeking a solution to his dilemma, the client (let’s call him Graham) got in touch to see how 3D Global could help him. Graham is a British national living in France, is a widower and has two adult children.

The problem

Graham and his late wife had a portfolio of investments with Charles Schwab’s UK office. These mainly consisted of US shares that had been held for many years and were showing significant capital gains. Graham received a letter from Charles Schwab advising him they could no longer provide any services to him and he would need to move the assets and cash away from them.

The solution

So as not to sell the current shares with Charles Schwab we set up a new facility for Graham and arranged what is known as an ‘in specie’ transfer. An ‘in specie’ transfer moves an asset from one company to another with the major benefit that there was no enforced liability to capital gains tax which would have been the case if Graham had needed to sell the shares. The new provider liaised directly with Charles Schwab to arrange the transfer taking the stress out of the process for Graham.

The outcome

In addition to the above through the new arrangement Graham has been provided with day to day banking facilities and so he can now withdraw easily the dividends he is receiving using the Visa debit card linked to his investment account. The cash element that was transferred from Charles Schwab has been invested into Euro denominated funds to further diversify his income stream. Lastly, his daughter has been added to the new investment account to help with estate planning.

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