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Trump: US police should let suspects get hurt

Fri, 2017-07-28 21:46
Donald Trump was cheered by police officers as he told them not to be "too nice" when arresting "thugs".

Now Turkish Cypriot side says Eide has overstepped his bounds

Fri, 2017-07-28 21:21

UN Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide has overstepped his authority in choosing to publically voice his opinion that guarantees and intervention rights have no place in a modern state, Turkish Cypriot ‘foreign minister ’Tahsin Ertugruloglu charged on Friday.

Eide, who has come under strong fire from the Cyprus government and now from the Turkish Cypriot side, was accused by the ‘minister’ over comments he made in an interview to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) on July 22 when he said “from early on it was my conviction that ‘in a modern sovereign state’ there is no place for the Treaty of Guarantee and the right of intervention.”

In a statement, Ertugruloglu said Eide “not only violated the principle of impartiality of the Good Offices Mission, but also completely ignored the historical facts on the Island, and thus exceedingly overstepped his authority which entails non-interference on substantive issues.”

The quote also “ignores the fact” that it was Turkey’s intervention that stopped Cyprus from being annexed to Greece and undermines “the traumas endured by the Turkish Cypriot people by implying that it is unnecessary for them to still feel concerned about history repeating itself in the case of a possible solution.”

His statement also said it was only recently that Cyprus decided to commemorate the 1950 enosis vote in schools.

Calling on Eide to refrain from making “controversial statements” and respect Turkish Cypriot sensitivities, Ertugruloglu also said it was not possible “to understand the association made by Eide between the abolishment of the guarantee system and ‘modernity’.”

Ironically, the same interview saw Eide being accused by Cypriot politicians as a liar and an agent for Turkish interests, with calls for his replacement as he said the collapse of the talks was due to a “collective failure”.

His comments clashed with Cyprus’ official narrative that the blame lay wholly on Turkish intransigence.

According to CNA, in a televised interview, Ertugruloglu said Turkey had not conceded on intervention rights and any news on a ‘plan B’ or thoughts surrounding Varosha are not accurate however every step to be taken will be done after discussions with Turkey.

Negotiations on the Cyprus problem that have been going on for decades have collapsed and a new page for Cyprus needs to begin, he reportedly said.

Turkish Cypriots need to jointly devise with Turkey what future steps should be taken and if he was in the shoes of Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, would go to ‘parliament’ to brief them to show the international community that negotiations were over.

Seeing as the talks failed, Akinci’s responsibilities as a negotiator have ended and there is nothing left for him to negotiate, Ertugruloglu said according to CNA.

Meanwhile, Turkey said the wording of the UN Security Council regarding the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (Unficyp) has no meaning as it ‘prejudges’ the future of negotiations.

The comments from the Turkish foreign ministry came a day after the Security Council renewed Unficyp’s mandate for a further six months and called for a review in four months.

While the mandate hailed progress achieved thus far, it encouraged both sides to engage, as a matter of urgency, in consultations with Unficyp on the demarcation of the buffer zone, with a view to reaching early agreement on outstanding issues, calling on the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkish forces to restore the military status quo in Strovilia which existed there prior to June 30, 2000.

In a statement, Turkey’s foreign ministry said the resolution “contains certain wordings which prejudge the future conduct of the Cyprus settlement process.”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ report on July 10 had called on the two leaders to reflect on why the talks in Crans Montana had collapsed and contemplate on the way ahead.

“This being the case, the wordings prejudging the period ahead in the resolution on the extension of Unficyp’s mandate have no meaning,” Turkey’s foreign ministry said.

“Taking into account the recommendation of the UN Secretary-General, Turkey is continuing its assessment of the future steps to be taken on the settlement of the Cyprus issue in light of its observations concerning the course of the process to date as well as its determination to reach a lasting settlement.”

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Rays of hope for European banks in a mixed second quarter

Fri, 2017-07-28 20:28
Long haul remains for region’s banks to catch up with Wall Street rivals

Man arrested at Paphos airport for forged documents

Fri, 2017-07-28 20:02

A man from Cameroon was arrested on Friday at Paphos airport for using forged documents.

While he was trying to depart from Cyprus, upon presenting his documents, passport control found he had illegally entered and remained in Cyprus and was using forged documents.

He was taken to Paphos police station for questioning and the case is still being investigated.

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Two suspects remanded in theft case

Fri, 2017-07-28 20:01

Two Romanian nationals were remanded for seven days on Friday by Famagusta district court in connection stealing valuables and cash worth almost €19,000.

The two men, aged 31 and 29 are suspected of being implicated in a theft reported to police by a 43-year-old British man in May that between 11pm on the 26th and 9am on the 27th, someone broke into his Ayia Thekla home, stealing electronic devices, valuables and cash, all totalling €18,900.

Following a witness statement, police searched a Limassol residence both live in together and found some of the items the British man had reported stolen.

They were arrested on the spot and remanded for seven days.

Police believe they may be connected to other break-in’s in Ayia Napa and continue investigations.

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Used tyres site ‘an accident waiting to happen’, MPs hear

Fri, 2017-07-28 19:24

The area around Vasilikos is an explosion waiting to happen, head of the House Environment committee Adamos Adamou said on Friday after a meeting at the Vasilikos cement factory.

Speaking after a visit to the area where 4,500 tons of used tyres are set to be moved to from Dhali and Latourou following a government decision earlier this week, Adamou said the area “could explode any minute because of all the things that are there and need to be fixed.”

For instance, the area needs to be deforested, there needs to be better monitoring and safekeeping and a committee needs to be set up to oversee coordination efforts for spatial planning, he added.

A delegation from the House environment committee, labour office staffers, the environmental commissioner, community leaders and the fire chief had met at the Vasilikos cement factory and then took a bus to see where the used tyres will be stored.

Commenting on a new fire station set to be up and running by January 2019, for which works will begin in January next year, Adamou said it was too long to wait and with the industrial developments in the area, there should be proportional safety and security measures in place both for locals and environmental concerns “that at this point are far from being implemented.”

Head of the fire services Marcos Trangolas said the tyres would be kept at a licenced location to the north side of the Nicosia – Limassol highway.

Commenting on safety concerns, he told reporters “I was at the meeting that took place at the Presidential palace where the decision was taken. I agreed to it because I know the area, I visited it, it is a big area and there is no chance a fire can move outwards.

“There are water installations that can obliterate a fire within the first few minutes and prevent it from spreading.”

Additionally, the tyres would be compartmentalized to reduce the risk of fires spreading, Trangolas said.

Adamou stressed he was supportive of the move to transport the tyres as long as they were kept in licensed spots that would be spread out to reduce risks and kept under conditions of monitoring and safety.

It is the responsibility of the environmental department to licence other spots, he said.

The last fire at Vasilikos broke out at a place with which there was no licence and currently police are investigating the matter, Adamou added.

Kalavasos Community leader Lefteris Fokas said they had expressed concerns several times “but unfortunately we have not been heard out. We want all these reassurances from authorities to be given to us in writing.”

This is the condition the communities have put forward in order to get on board with the decision to move the tyres to Vasilikos, he said.


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Trapped teens rescued by helicopter in Napa

Fri, 2017-07-28 19:14

Two teenagers were rescued by a helicopter on Friday after they were trapped in between rocks at an Ayia Napa beach, police said.

Shortly after 5pm, officers were informed that two boys, aged 14 and 15 were trapped at the beach close to the Marina Hotel due to rough seas at the time and the topography of the area.

The fire services arrived at the scene but were unable to reach them and the joint rescue coordination centre (JRCC) was notified, dispatching a police helicopter that managed to rescue the two shortly after 6:30pm.

According to police, both boys are well but were taken as a precaution to the Famagusta general hospital for checks.

The JRCC called on the public to avoid going to the sea via the rocks particularly when there are difficult weather conditions, and to respect safety rules.

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